RCIC Membership Number: R512494 R706344

This Retainer Agreement (‘Agreement’) is between the client


Mansouri Canadian Immigration Services, Inc. herein referred to as MCIS and/or the RCIC

Vancouver Downtown Office: 1177 West Hastings Street, Unit 1220, Vancouver, B.C., V6E 2K3

Mailing Address: P.O. Box: 92014 West Vancouver, BC V7V 4X4

Phone Number: 604-468- 5747

Email: info@mcisfirm.com

The Client(s) has requested Mansouri Canadian Immigration Services, Inc. (referred to as MCIS) a member of the ICCRC to arrange a one-time 30-minute to 60-minute phone consultation session for the purpose of assessing his/her situation and to provide him/her with professional advice with respect to Canadian Immigration Regulations with a one-time 30-minute on-the-phone–or other telecommunication means–consultation as the case might be.

Service to be provided by MCIS-In consideration of the fees paid and the matter stated above, MCIS agrees to do the following:

  • Arrange a time for the RCIC to speak with the Client(s) and their Designates to assess their case.
  • Verify the situation of the Clients under prevailing Canadian Immigration Law and Policy, and assist in the selection of the best-suited category for application purposes
  • Provide the client with information relevant to their desired area of Canadian Immigration Regulations and to answer to the client’s questions related to Canadian Immigration subject to the 30-minue time limit.

Billing Method

The Client(s) will be billed as follows:

A flat fee of $250.00 CAD for one consultation session of 30 minutes by phone or in-person as the case might be, to be arranged by the MCIS

The fee is non-refundable and is only for a one-time consultation.

The total fee of the consultation session will be paid by the client or the client’s designate to MCIS at the time of submitting the request for consultation.

If the client is not a Canadian resident, the client is not subject to tax on the amount paid in this Retainer Agreement.


All information the Client(s) give to MCIS, will be kept confidential between the Client(s) and MCIS and any staff and/contractors.

No commitment 

It is agreed by the client that initial interviews, phone calls, and emails will not by themselves create a client-counsel relationship and will not make MCIS client’s representative. Any information MCIS receives during interviews, phone calls, or emails before client has properly retained MCIS, will be a general explanation of the Law and Regulations and should not, under any circumstances, be used for a self-represented application. If the client, after receiving advice from the RCIC decides to go on and prepare his/her application without the supervision of the RCIC and without a proper retainer agreement with the RCIC, the RCIC shall not and will not be responsible for any outcome and consequences of the application.

No Coercion or Undue Influence

In executing the within consultation agreement, the Client(s) acknowledges that he or she has had the opportunity to obtain, and has been advised to obtain, independent legal advice but notwithstanding such advice, the Client(s) has chosen to execute this agreement willingly and voluntarily without undue influence or coercion of any sort. The Client further confirms by executing this agreement that he or she understands all of the terms and conditions contained herein and has had an opportunity to review same before signing. The Client(s) also confirms


The Client(s) may wish to have this agreement reviewed by another legal adviser or RCIC before signing.

If the Client(s) wants to proceed on the basis described above, he or she will fill the online consultation request from and submitted a copy of their ID. The client must pay the corresponding consultation fee outlined in this agreement before requesting a consultation session and read and agree with the terms and conditions herein.


The Client(s) acknowledge that they have read this Agreement, understand it, have obtained such independent legal advice as they deem appropriate, have sought translation and agree to be bound by its terms.

The Client(s) acknowledge that they have requested that the Agreement be written in the English language.